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Latest News

12:30 14th Feb 2018

Diving Trunks v1.1 Changing Tides Update

A major content update featuring 6 difficulty modes, 7 power-ups, 7 new game modes, a new creature, new music, an extensive new help system, and much more!

10:30 3rd Jul 2017

Diving Trunks now featured at IndieGala

Diving Trunks is currently featured in the IndieGala Monday Motivation Bundle until July 17th. Together with 10 other great games grab it now for the special launch price of $2.99 and support indie game development.

09:45 21st Jun 2017

Diving Trunks now on Steam

Diving Trunks is now available to download and play on Windows PC via Steam!

22:15 21st Dec 2016

Diving Trunks for Android now available

Diving Trunks for Android phones and tablets is now available free from Google Play.

09:25 23rd Nov 2016

Diving Trunks now on PC

Diving Trunks is now available to download and play on Windows PC via!

08:30 9th Nov 2016

New game: 'Diving Trunks'

Lunacy's first game, 'Diving Trunks', is currently being showcased on Steam Greenlight and is awaiting approval by the gaming community.
Diving Trunks is a dodge 'em up style game featuring a seafaring elephant who has dropped his peanuts overboard.
It is your task to help 'Trunks' dive down into the deep ocean to retrieve as many peanuts as possible, all whilst avoiding unkindly marine life.

More news to come...